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creating a PDF

An alternative is to create a high resolution PDF, with crops and bleeds. (See "Creating a PDF.")

A Few Important Dos and Don'ts


  1. Create your document to the final trim size, with a bleed area set to .125". All elements that touch the edges of the document should extend .125" off the page for bleed.
  2. Build documents as single pages, not printer spreads. We take care of imposing the pages here.
  3. Use Adobe Type 1 fonts whenever possible and use the postscript versions for italic and bold, not the keyboard or palette style buttons.
  4. Make sure your colors are the correct color space for print method (i.e. Pantone spot color, CMYK process)and remove unused colors from your swatch palette.
    1. Check that any pdfs supplied to you are in the correct color space as above (no RGB, and no CMYK for spot color printing).
    2. Be sure all images and graphics used are either black & white, greyscale or cmyk... NO RGB. (You should designate B&W and greyscale image colors in the application.) Images/art should be at least 300dpi.
    3. Some applications allow you to view your color separations to check that you've set up the file the way you intended. If yours doesn't, you should print separations with "all" selected to be sure there are no unwanted color plates.
  5. Package the job (InDesign) or Collect for Output (Quark) to be sure that all the fonts and graphics are included with the native file when sending to us for print.
  6. Copy the entire folder you just created to disk, but be sure to keep the original on your computer.
  7. Use an electronic output form to clarify important information we need to process your job.
  8. Be sure to provide us with final hard copy so we can verify that your file has ripped properly.
  9. Check with your mailhouse or the post office for the latest postal regulations to keep your mailing costs to a minimum.


  1. Make fonts bold and italic with the palette buttons.
  2. Use any RGB anywhere!
  3. Add manual crop marks.
  4. Be afraid to call and ask questions if you are uncertain about something.